The Team

Any team is only as good as the people who make it. Project Newton have a great core of principle members, with a depth of experience in the gravity racing and technology fields.

Andy Ash – Driver, Designer & Engineer


Andy Ash – UK Record Holder

Andy has been involved with gravity racing since 2001. He has raced on both sides of the pond and has been to the L’Ultime Descente in Canada twice – the second time in 2017, setting a new UK record of 92mph.

He entered the UK Red Bull Soapbox in 2001, 2002 and 2004, scoring highly for both lowest times and overall placings. He has also raced in the Cairngorm Extreme Scottish league, becoming runner-up in 2011.

2015 saw his first trip to the States to take part in the East Coast Challenge, racing against such gravity racing legends as “Fast” Donnie Schoettler and Doug Anderson – both members of the USA Bodrodz team, and both current WGSA speed record holders.

2017 saw Andy back in Canada with the Bodrodz team (after being crew in 2016), but this time Doug Anderson had built a car especially for Andy to drive – the Bodrodz Atomic Sliver. Doug Anderson set the new world record of 101.98mph in the Scalpel, and Andy ran 92mph in the open wheel, open cockpit Sliver, the fastest speed ever by someone from the UK.

Andy Ash - 2017 UK Record

Luke Horsfall – Aero Specialist


11745599_10152771088197134_4811723707479660438_nLuke started his journey by joining the Tendring Technology College Greenpower Formula 24 team in 2002. 100’s of hours were spent in the school workshop designing and building the first car, which entered its first race in July 2002. He became the team manager in 2003 and scored a top 10 finish in the championship, as well as receiving an innovation award.

The team progressed over the following years with Luke at the helm, before finally winning the Formula 24 championship in 2012, where they placed either 1st or 2nd at every race in the season. The car was exhibited at Autosport international, and was the first electric car to ever lap Goodwood in the 3min 30’s.

After the win, Horsfall Racing joined forces with Formaplex to design and build a land speed record electric car, with development progressing over the following few years. In 2015 Luke and his sister Laura attended the Longbeach, Berlin and London ePrixs as mentors to the competitors in the Formula E School series.

Luke is currently an aerodynamic engineer for one of the top three Formula 1 teams. Yes, F1.

Jim Croisdale – Designer & Team Leader


FB_IMG_1528745513284As Team Leader (and website builder!) I thought it would be poor form to write my own bit here, so I asked the team to write a few words about how I managed to wrangle them into this record attempt. Here’s what the guys have to say about me. I’ll write a bit more about myself below their words…

Every once in a while you come across someone that knows that they can achieve great things, but appreciate that they have to try and convince other people to assist in order to have the manpower to achieve their goals. Quite often, when you engage in conversation with these people you start to realise that they are complete lunatics, so you can imagine my surprise when I started talking to James and realised that he wasn’t a complete lunatic, he actually appeared to have real respect and understanding for the challenge he has undertaken. Much like Colin Chapman that precedes him, albeit with somewhat larger race cars, he has an enthusiasm that is infectious and will no doubt inspire everyone he talks to, to want to assist in any way possible.

Luke Horsfall

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