As you can imagine, designing, building and testing a gravity racer that will break the WGSA speed record is no easy, cheap or quick job. Then there’s the small matter of getting the car (and the team!) to Canada once we’re ready to race.

While we’re not relying totally on sponsorship or donations and would hope to be able to get to Canada and compete without either, every bit of cash we have for design and parts could help us to go that little bit quicker. If you’re not a business looking for sponsorship and just want to chuck a few quid our way in the spirit of helping us to set a new world record, it’s really easy to do so. Simply Paypal any amount to the following email address. It’s quick and totally safe, and you don’t even need a Paypal account to be able to do it.

In return, for any amount over £10, we’ll put your name on the car, and you’ll get a notable mention on the list below as well as a big thankyou on our Facebook page! Don’t forget – when you Paypal the money, let us know in the Paypal message box what name you’d like to appear on the car.

If you’re not into using Paypal just drop us an email and we can talk about sending cheques, postal orders or doing bank transfers etc. Failing that, you can always bob round my house with some pound notes. Tea and biscuits are always free at Project Newton HQ!


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