A Brief Rundown for Formation!

So I’ve approached you sponsorship, and of course you want to know exactly what it is we’re doing! I’ll try sum it up neatly here.

Have you seen the Red Bull Soapbox race on TV? Yes? Okay, well what we’re doing is a bit like that. Except our car will be going to Canada in September 2019, and will be going down one of the longest and steepest roads in the world. We’re aiming to beat the World Gravity Speed Association record of 101.98mph and beat the rest of the field in the Ultimate Streamliner Class.


Yes, over 100mph. With no engine.

Doug Anderson with the Atomic Scalpel – 101.98mph record holder

Now you’ll be wondering what makes us think we can beat the record set by the USA. Well, we have a 3 man team. I myself am the team leader, designer, builder, internet geek and general dogsbody. Our driver holds the UK record (set also in Canada) of 92mph, and is also a talented designer and builder and one of the best known names on the UK gravity racing scene. Finally, our aerodynamicist has a history of winning in similar formulas, and now works for the Red Bull F1 team as an aerodynamic engineer.

How Will We Beat The Record?

Fair question. First thing we did when we started was to CAD model the record holding car and calculate its drag. This was the baseline for our design, and currently we have managed to reduce the aerodynamic drag by 45%. That equates roughly to a potential 125mph on the hill. The hubs are bespoke made and we have hydraulic brakes all round. The wheels and tyres we are using are the same as the record holding car, so we know they work. The chassis and body have not yet been made, but all the runn’ng gear has been tested this year over a period of several months and is performing well.

Our proposed design next to the record holding car model

Formation – What Can You Do for Us?

You have a flatbed CNC machine that would be very handy for us. We’ll be making a fibreglass body that will require a wood and foam “buck” initially, and from that we take the moulds and make the body panels. We’d likely need half a dozen sheets of 9mm marine ply cutting into pieces on the CNC. We can supply cutfiles exactly to your spec, no problem. Additionally to that we may require a few thicker pieces of plywood routing to shape, to make jigs and other bits and pieces. Nothing monumental.

What Can We Do For You?

In return you’ll get your name on the car and on this website, and as things start to hot up towards next year you’ll get lots of mentions on our social media etc. We’ll supply you with pics of us using your CNC’d parts, so you can use them on your own social media, or put them on your website.

Anything Else?

There is one other thing if this is really floating your boat. We’re looking for a “name” sponsor for the team. So in your case it’d “Project Newton Formation.” For that the car would be 90% in your colours/logo, website with your branding, the full bit. Much like Marlboro McLaren used to be in F1. Your branding takes precedence over ours. For that, as well as any materials/cutting etc we’d be wanting £2k. I appreciate that this would probably only be of value to businesses that could really push it through social media, but I thought I’d mention it. 🙂

If you’d like me to call in to see you, let me know. If you want to give me a bell you can catch me (james) on 07870 677 072, or email me at jimcroisdale@hotmail.co.uk or jc@adbell.co.uk

I hope I explained that well, and I look forwards to hearing from you!


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